Housing Alternatives Network

A network for advocacy, activism, research & development on housing alternatives, such as cooperative, social, tiny houses and microhousing, cluster, movable, modular, and self-build.

Directed by Tim McCormick, as umbrella organization and home base to support various projects of me, friends, collaborators, and allies, including:

  • StayDAO (housing/homelessness charitable initiative of Stay Open pod hotel network).

  • HousingWiki

  • HousingDAO - our DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) arm, under development to be provide governance & membership structure for HAN

  • Vehicle Residency Summit (Nov 2022)

  • Alternative Shelter Network

  • Build Small Coalition

  • Houslets design research initiative (2012-present)

HAN is a n
on-profit fiscally sponsored by Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, Portland, Oregon, USA; and also in application for fiscal sponsorship/hosting by Open Collective Foundation.

HAC on Twitter:

HAC project file directory, and latest activity