HousingDAO is an in-development DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure to support and manage Housing Alternatives Network's activities. It is presently hosted on the SuperDAO platform.

DAOs are a recently-emerged way to create & manage collaborative efforts such as fundraising, project management, or entrepreneurial ventures, coordinating all or partly via blockchain digital tools rather than traditional financing and corporate forms.

Blockchains (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the two largest) are open, global, distributed record ledgers, which unalterably record transactions. This enables various interesting possibilities, such as allowing payments and contracts to be effectively and efficiently enacted without the use of other trust authorities such as banks or government bodies.

see also: Steve Glaveski. "How DAOs Could Change the Way We Work." Harvard Business Review, April 07, 2022.

HousingDAO is an experimental development whereby we are looking to receive and exchange funds and crypto-assets, enact transparent & distributed governance of our operations, and otherwise see what's possible, useful, and interesting!

Go to HousingDAO online.

Below: screenshots of HousingDAO portal, August 17, 2022.